Program to encrypt/decrypt files/folders
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Program to encrypt/decrypt files/folders or make them transferable

Encrypt and decrypt files and folders
SoftyEncryptor 2 is the program to encrypt/decrypt files/folders or make them transferable self-decrypter program that you can send them to friend or co-worker without worry. The privacy has become an issue a long time ago. Everybody is struggling to keep their hard work, confidential information away from inquisitive eyes. What methods do you use to keep your most important files for yourself? well SoftyEncryptor is the tools you need for this purpose.
You can use SoftyEncryptor anywhere (at work, home or school) and most importantly can be used in laptops. SoftyEncryptor creates encrypted archives using strong encryption algorithms: Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) winner, used by governments in USA. Read more

Download 15 Days risk free Buy Now (On sale limited time only) What you can do with SoftEncryptor:
1-Encrypt and decrypt your files and folders
2-Mask and shade your information
3-Encode and decode your documents
4-Lock your files/Folder with unreadable format
5-Encipher and decode your personal files
6-Safeguard and secure files in your laptop/desktop or re-moveable media
7-Protect, guard and shield with strengthen and defended method
8-Use shutdown/startup method to prevent unauthorized user from view/access your files
9-Protect USB and other removable devices (folders/files)
10-Make files/folders self-decrypt (installation not required)

what is new in version Softyencryptor 2:

Few minor file name error fixed.
Speed Improved.
New encryption method added
OnLine update fixed FAQ:
1-I encrypted a folder, but I would like to decrypt on file only, is it possible?
Sure you can, If you know file name. Then select the file then right click and select send to SoftyEncryptor, type your password click decrypt.

2-I lost my password for this folder, can you recover it?
There is no way to recover lost password.

3-How fast SoftyEncryptor?
Depend on how many folders/files you are encrypting. Also depend on your computer's CPU speed and free RAM.

4-What is the MAX file size and how many files I can encrypt?
Single file size can be up to 4 GB, there are no limits on number of folders or files. Trail version only limit top level folder but not sub folders. Keep in mind, you need same size free space to encrypt or decrypt.

5-What kind encryption method used.
We use high and most advanced encryption method used by government and financial institutions.

6-How good is your program and encryption?
Try it yourself and judge!

7-I would like to encrypt a folder on shutdown then decrypt it back on startup?
Depend on your OS, you can use group policy in some OS or use batch file see help file. However you can use built in shutdown/startup encryption method.
8-What is the advantage of shutdown/startup encryption?
Well, we use laptop in most case, we have personal and important client information, to be safe we use shutdown/startup method. In case the laptop stolen then nothing to worry about that information. Also can be used at work, please check with your network administrator and your company policy

9-Can I use SoftyEncryptor in USB or removable drivers?
Yes. You will need SoftyEncryptor.exe for decryption. Unless you use self-decryption option

10-Do you have any kind guarantee?
There is no guarantee in computer world, any time any minute any file can be corrupted
Our program like any other programs in the market. However we recommend you test it
Yourself, we have 100% confidence in our products. Tested in many computers and under many different user's permissions

11-What is the different than your free folder locker (folder latch) program.?
Folder locker (folder latch) is to pack the folder under one file, if you need a file, you have to unpack whole folder, imagine if you have 3 GB folder with thousands of folders.
But SoftyEncryptor encrypt each file independently, much safer than folder locker.

12-I encrypted an executable file, but doesn't run any more?
Sure, the meaning of encryption is make it not readable format by any means.