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SOFTPEN Software Developments have been assisting clients take advantage of existing and new technologies, maximizing their overall business efficiency. SOFTPEN Software Developments have adopted the Internet as the second major platform to implement business solutions. We now view ourselves as a complete Internet services company..


Softpen Establishment

The Internet is growing in importance for all business uses. Electronic mail is now seen as the most cost effective and efficient business communication tool a company can adopt. Communicating on a local, national and international scale is within reach of companies big or small. The Internet is utilized to conduct electronic commerce, provide customer service, and for national and global marketing purposes. Creating custom software is not an easy task. Many projects fail. Making every software project a success requires skills far more subtle and elusive than just being competent in C, C++ or any specific technology. We at SOFTPEN have been creating custom software since 1988. Our highest priority has always been the practices and skills needed to make every project successful.


Growth & beyond

Usually someone like you needing software first seeks an off the shelf solution. Such software is usually less expensive than a custom solution and is low-risk. Often, however, appropriate off-the-shelf software can't be found. You are then faced with the expensive and potentially high-risk option of custom software. The problem is: how to minimize the risk?

There is a long list of practices and policies which, if understood and followed, can reduce the risks of creating custom software. Unfortunately, these practices and policies are very often understood superficially or not followed in the real world.

Our assurance to you that makes SOFTPEN different from many software developers is that we are a low risk, extremely dependable resource for custom software because:

  • We understand from long experience how to make every project a success
  • We rigorously follow the practices and policies which make this possible
  • We hire "the best and the brightest".
  • Getting cost-effective results

    Dedicated to quality and your success

    Creating excellent, successful software for each and every client is the fundamental principle on which SOFTPEN was built.

    Now here are some further comments about how we look at software development and how we make sure you get the best possible results. Getting what you really need

    When we begin a software project we know your requirements and your budget are the highest priorities.

    But we also know that one's first conceptions for a piece of software almost never address your real needs adequately. It's almost universally true that an understanding of requirements becomes clearer and more refined during the creation of the software.

    The challenge is: how to respect this fact, while also respecting your budget and your original requirements? How to distinguish between "changes" which really ought to be made and "feature creep" which has been the downfall of many a project?

    Being able to manage these distinctions is one of the skills which comes from years of successful software development. Our project managers understand these issues. And while they are always vigilant against changes in project scope, they also are constantly open to ways the software can meet your needs even better than originally planned.

    Creating software is expensive even when the development team is very efficient. And although our first priority is making your new software perform exactly as needed, but we know that getting your money's worth is just as important.

    Our development practices are aimed at giving desired results in a cost-effective way. Some of these practices are described below. It's worth noting that these practices are based on just a few fundamental principles.