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ORACLE Import - Export tools allows developer, DBA or end user to import and export files from/to ORACLE. OraImpExp.


1-Import from over 24 types of files, including MS-SQL or any ADO connections
2-Import unlimited number of tables (one by one)
3-Do customer query during the import
4-Import will create table structure for new table or append to existing table (with field mapping)
5-No limitation for number of imported records
6-Easy to use, no need to know table structure
7-Export multi tables/views to MS Access or Excel
8-Export to PDF and many other (Excel, CSV, TXT etc.)
9-Create one or more Indexes for imported table
10-Login, select file format, select file to import, execute, you done.

Demo version allows you to import/export 50 records only, download $99.00 single license





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