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We provide cutting-edge technology and customized solutions:

C/S business applications
Database development (MSSQL, ORACLE, AS400, MySQL, DB2, Interbase and custom database development)
SQL Server products management and consulting
Provide expertise technological consultancy & customized solutions

Our known software called SQLVaran to monitor sql servers (2005 up to sql server 2017)

Features of this software include the following:

Wait types
SQL wait times
I/O wait times
Blocking and Deadlocks
Disk bottlenecks & Temp Database bottlenecks
SQL performance and Plan Mining
Top SQLs

Performance Counters
Disk mirroring
Availability groups
Procedure and Buffer Cache
Database Size and Disk Drive Space
Low Disk Space and High Disk Space Usage
Index fragmentation
SQL Agent jobs
Performance Baselines

Pre-configured alerts and thresholds include:
High CPU or Memory Resource Usage
Disk Space Running Low (Transaction logs or Database Disk)
Performance Issues of Queries
SQL Errors and Issues, including Deadlock and Blocking
SQL Server Database Backups status

Dashboard includes following metrics for quick analysis and viewing in real-time:

Network Percentage Usage (Inbound/Outbound)
CPU/Processor Usage
SQL server activity (including Batches, Transactions etc.)
SQL Server Network waits, CPU waits, Memory Waits and Disk waits
System Memory Usage


Check out our Softy Encrypt (Protect and encrypt your files and folders), Our most popular downloads Folder Latch previously called folder locker

Our philosophy regarding Information Technology is the belief that the success of a product is directly proportional to the degree of customer involvement in the development process. it's the fundamental way we do business. Our products continually evolve over time, based upon client’s feedback and information provided by our clients. It's a simple philosophy, and one that ensures the mutual success of our company and the people we serve.



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