Softpen Technology Group
Brentwood, TN

SOFTPEN Software Developments have been assisting clients take advantage of existing and new technologies, maximizing their overall business efficiency. SOFTPEN Software Developments have adopted the Internet as the second major platform to implement business solutions. We now view ourselves as a complete Internet services company.

The Internet is growing in importance for all business uses. Electronic mail is now seen as the most cost effective and efficient business communication tool a company can adopt. Communicating on a local, national and international scale is within reach of companies big or small. The Internet is utilized to conduct electronic commerce, provide customer service, and for national and global marketing purposes. Creating custom software is not an easy task. Many projects fail. Making every software project a success requires skills far more subtle and elusive than just being competent in C, C++ or any specific technology. We at SOFTPEN have been creating custom software since 1997. Our highest priority has always been the practices and skills needed to make every project successful.

"There is a long list of practices and policies which, if understood and followed, can reduce the risks of creating custom software. Unfortunately, these practices and policies are very often understood superficially or not followed in the "real world".


For Dealership Car Dealers Software, used by thousands of used cars dealers nationwide and Canada:
Provides full-featured used car dealer software with High-Quality, Easy-to-Use & Affordable Car Dealer Management System, no monthly fees, no hidden charges, free updates and free support. The Software designed for the independent, small or large used car dealers

Softy Write:
Is a powerful word processing,multi purposes software with database driven with encryption SoftyWrite Features:
Multi purpose program (can be used as word processor or save personal data)
Option to secure and protect entered data
Single location for all your data and word documents
Multi language
Can be used for dictionary, vocabulary book
Export your files to MS word, Text or PDF
Import your word documents, RTF files into one secure and password protected program
Save pictures and image in secure file format (with in the program)
Move your saved document into USB Compact Flash Memory
Print your document
Categorize and organize your data files for secure, better and faster access
Copy and Paste your files from other programs like MS word (with acceptable format)
Can be used for Human Resource to save employee profile with picture.
The cost is fraction of any expense program
Just two files to move no installation required
Simple and Friendly to use
Excellent choice for laptops users to protect important files.

SQL Server monitoring software (2005 up to sql server 2017)

Features of this software include the following:
Wait types
SQL wait times
I/O wait times
Blocking and Deadlocks
Disk bottlenecks & Temp Database bottlenecks
SQL performance and Plan Mining
Top SQLs

Performance Counters
Disk mirroring
Availability groups
Procedure and Buffer Cache
Database Size and Disk Drive Space
Low Disk Space and High Disk Space Usage
Index fragmentation
SQL Agent jobs
Performance Baselines

Pre-configured alerts and thresholds include:
High CPU or Memory Resource Usage
Disk Space Running Low (Transaction logs or Database Disk)
Performance Issues of Queries
SQL Errors and Issues, including Deadlock and Blocking
SQL Server Database Backups status

Dashboard includes following metrics for quick analysis and viewing in real-time:

Network Percentage Usage (Inbound/Outbound)
CPU/Processor Usage
SQL server activity (including Batches, Transactions etc.)
SQL Server Network waits, CPU waits, Memory Waits and Disk waits
System Memory Usage